Webex Research Track Broadcast

WEBEX Meeting for Research Track on Thursday, Nov 6, 2014  - Note Program times are for Naples Italy, (CET):  6 hours ahead of US EST



Meeting Password ----- 123

Meeting Number ----- 203 344 799

More Details Below - Please Mute your Microphones


Dear Friends of ISSRE,

We will broadcast one of the popular tracks of ISSRE 2015 on Webex from Naples, Italy next week. This is offered with free access to all. Tune in and enjoy!

We began this experiment last year at ISSRE 2014 in Pasadena and were surprised by the interest - We had over 150 participants online, which was an excellent first step. We want to continue the experiment this year too.

We would love for you to have joined us at the conference. But if you cannot be here in person, you can join us remotely.  We don't get to see you, and you don't get to choose from the 5-6 tracks that are offered - ISSRE has grown a lot, has it not?  But at least you can get a good fraction of one of the tracks. Do study the schedule, and block your time accordingly.

The links to the Webex will be put up each day. Note - they change every day. Therefore, please check issre.org or issre.net to get current information.

We thank Cisco for the Webex, and our engineering team for the logistics.

Domenico Cotroneo, Prof. U. of Naples, General Chair ISSRE
Pete Rotella, Cisco, and Industry Committee co-Chair ISSRE
Ram Chillarege, Chillarege Inc. Steering Committee Chair, ISSRE

ISSRE Webex  Boradcast Experiment


Go To https://cisco.webex.com/cisco/
Meeting Number: 203 344 799
Meeting Password: 123


Meeting Number: TBD

Meeting Password: 123

To join this meeting (Now from mobile devices!) 

1. Go to  TBD

2. Enter the meeting password: 123

3. Click "Join Now".

4. Follow the instructions that appear on your screen.

OPTIONAL Phone DIAL IN Information

ALERT – PLEASE READ: DO NOT DIAL THE TOLL FREE NUMBERS FROM WITHIN THE (408) OR (919) AREA CODES  Please dial the local access number for your area from the list below: - San Jose/Milpitas (408) area: 525-6800 - RTP (919) area: 392-3330 Dialing the WebEx toll free numbers from within 408 or 919 area codes is not enabled (non-Cisco phones). “ If you dial the toll-free numbers within the 408 or 919 area codes you will be instructed to hang up and dial the local access number.” Please use the call-back option whenever possible and otherwise dial local numbers only. The affected toll free numbers are: (866) 432-9903 for the San Jose/Milpitas area and (866) 349-3520 for the RTP area.

To join the teleconference only

1. Dial into Cisco WebEx (view all Global Access Numbers at http://cisco.com/en/US/about/doing_business/conferencing/index.html

2. Follow the prompts to enter the Meeting Number (listed above) or Access Code followed by the # sign.
San Jose, CA: +1.408.525.6800 RTP: +1.919.392.3330
US/Canada: +1.866.432.9903
United Kingdom: +44.20.8824.0117
India: +91.80.4350.1111
Germany: +49.619.6773.9002
Japan: +81.3.5763.9394
China: +86.10.8515.5666



Step 1.  Go to https://cisco.webex.com/  and use the Set Up  to get  your browser ready. It only takes a couple minutes, but this will save you the aggravation later. Webex requires a java plugin.. so get that out of the way.

Step 2.  Remember to ensure your microphones are muted!!!  We plan to do it for all, but there will be times when they are opened momentarily to allow questions.  It is best if you are familiar with how to mute and un-mute your microphones - so it does not crash the audio bridge!

Step 3. Enjoy

Some administrative details:

  • We plan to leave the sesions open all day. 
  • There will be a different url each day, one for each track - and that will be posted here.  If a session or line drops, we plan to restart with the same url for that day/track.
  • The chat line will be available, but we are unsure if that will be constantly monitored or not.  We need to sync with our session chairs on how they want to handle it.
  • Windows and Apple are supported.  Linux does not seem to be supported by Webex.
  • IE and Mozilla worked. One person reported issues with Chrome.
  • If you need to contact someone during the broacast - session drops, audio issues, etc.. please email webex@issre.net